Janet McKeough

Mortgage Broker


"One's home is usually their biggest investment, and whether it's buying, refinancing or renewing, the negotiation of your mortgage can be an intimidating process. Being a home owner myself, working closely with members in the real estate industry and having over 20 years in the financial service industry, my objective is to eliminate your stress.  With access to over 40 financial institutions, I am able to offer some of the most innovative products available today to help you reach your goals. Saving you time and money on your mortgage is my goal. Providing honest and reliable service is my commitment. Call to arrange a free consultation and learn more about your options."


Verico Success Mortgages 2021 Inc.

Brokerage License #3000140



Did You Know?

The Average Rental Payment Is Equal To A Mortgage Payment
With today's interest rates, each $1,000 of mortgage is equal to approximately $4.60 per month. For a mortgage of $150,000 that's approximating $690(PI).

You Too Could Be A Landlord.
There are several homes with legal apartments. Those tenants could help you qualify and pay for your mortgage.

Home Improvements Can Be Added To Your Mortgage
If you find a home in the area you want to live, but it needs work, your renovations may be added to your mortgage.

There Are Programs For Self Employed
Mortgage lending his evolved and lenders recognize self employed persons have tax advantages, which reduce their taxable income. With as little as 10% down - You could purchase the home of your dreams.

RRSP'S Can Be Used With No Tax Consequence
If you are a first time home buyer and have RRSP's, you can withdraw up to $25,000 to use towards your purchase, without paying income taxes. That's right Revenue Canada wants to support home ownership and they have a program to make it easier for first time buyers.

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