SURPRISE - Bank of Canada Lowers Overnight Rate by 1/4%

Article by Jamie Henry of MBN

Yesterday’s interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada was not widely expected and has not been universally welcomed but it’s certainly got everyone talking. As soon as the announcement was made the speculation began as to what effect the cut would have on the housing market.

Low interest rates are one of the driving factors behind the high levels of sales and prices over the last year but will the cut to 0.75 per cent drive more sales or increase consumer caution? For some the Bank of Canada's move will be taken as a sign to be prepared for leaner times ahead however for others it will tip the balance in favour of buying a home now rather than waiting for the return of higher rates.

Speculation is well underway as to when lenders will begin to cut their mortgage rates, and how low they will go. The likely scenario is for variable home loans to mirror the 0.25 per cent cut and for fixed rate deals to also drop due to their link to the bond market which will also be lower. Analysts believe that the lenders will be quick to seize on the opportunity and that mortgage rate cuts will be announced within days. As for future interest rate moves; some economists are already talking about another cut in March.




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That sounds great!! The

That sounds great!! The low-interest rates would be a blessing for many who are looking forward to home loans now. Low-interest rates are one of the driving factors behind the high levels of sales and prices in the real estate industry.

The high home loan interest

The high home loan interest rates are the most troubling factor that stops many from choosing this option. It is a glad news to know that the Bank of Canada Lowers Overnight Rate by 1/4%. Thanks for sharing such informative updates. Useful one.



Question Asked By KR.

Q. Can you address how much income one should have before taking on home ownership?

A. How much income one has for home ownership really depends on multiple factors (credit wise) combined with the individual’s level of comfort for the respective housing payment. That is, based on industry guidelines, you may qualify for a bigger mortgage than you are personally comfortable with on a monthly basis. If this happens, proceed with caution because 9 out of 10 times a more expensive home is nicer. But, if you are not comfortable with the payments, you won't fully enjoy your new home, no matter how nice it is.

The credit items which impact this are:

- What other debts do you currently have (IE: Credit Card Balances, Loans, Lines of Credit)?

- Your credit rating - if your rating is above 680 the permissible debt ratios are slightly higher than if your rating is below 680. Note, the score you get from the credit bureau when you request a copy is different than the score lenders get.

Presuming everything with credit and ratios are fine, and going with caution that credit score is below 680, using a 5 year fixed rate of 2.79% (I can do better but again, going with caution), the mortgage would be $463 per $100,000. We'll add $100 for property taxes per $100,000 bringing the monthly payment to $563. Factoring in a payment for heat ... one would need a minimal annual income of:

$23,000 for $100,000 mortgage
$38,640 for $200,000 mortgage
$62,023 for $300,000 mortgage

Note: When preparing to purchase a home you should budget 8% of the purchase price. 5% for minimum down payment plus an additional 3% for closing costs (land transfer tax, legal, inspections, etc ...)

Hope this helps. If interested in formal pre-approval don't hesitate to contact me.
Cell: (902) 209-0047