There are radio advertisements promoting a seminar on “How to get rich flipping properties using other people’s money”.       I find this incredibly frustrating as I know the only ones making money are the people putting the seminar on.

What they are not telling you is the initial 2 hour seminar is free.  But, if you want to know more you have to pay them a fee to join a continued session in a back room (I believe the cost is approximately $3,000).    At this stage, you are just paying for information and have not yet made an investment, except to their bank account.

Once in this room they will share “secrets” with you and tell you they have investors, accountants and development projects you can participate in.   However, you have to act now as there are limited spaces available.    Depending on the project they promote, your investment can range from $20,000 - $100,000 or more.      If you can’t afford that much, they may have a smaller investment you can consider, with a smaller return.

Typically these projects are out of province, and generally out of the country.   Multiple meetings will be held which require travel costs of airfare, hotel, meals and of course, an installment on the project.   You’ll see pictures of the development, may even get to visit the site, will receive email updates and 1-3 years and $100,000 later the project is stalled due to issues with permits, a change in the economy and/or the promoters have gone bankrupt.   You, unfortunately will have no recourse to claim your investment because of the contract signed.

Now, they may also tell you can do this in your market.  Other than information they can’t provide support here.  They don’t have projects, or lenders, but can answer your questions … for a fee.    If this is something you are considering … you need to know.

  • 100% financing though still available is difficult to get.   The property must be your primary residence, you have to have provable income, excellent credit and are locked into a closed 5 year term (4.5% or higher interest rate).   A penalty applies to break/payout this mortgage prior to it’s maturity in 5 years.
  • Acquisition costs are approximately 3% in NS and CAN NOT be incorporated in your mortgage.  This includes the Deed Transfer Tax of 1.5% in HRM.

  • If you don’t qualify for 100% financing you’ll need a down payment plus the 3% closing costs.

  • If you have to go the route of private lenders, minimum down payment is usually 20% - 35% of the purchase price.

  • Private lender interest rates range from 8% - 15%.   Oh, and they generally charge a fee on the mortgage of 2% - 10%.    They do this because they see your investment as a “RISK”.

All of this before you even begin to renovate … which is more money.   If you’ve made it this far, you now have monthly carrying costs.   When it comes time to flip, you will have costs associated with that too (IE: Legal, Realtor Commission, Capital Gains Tax ….) 

I’m not saying buying real estate is a bad thing.  In fact, I think real estate is an excellent investment.    What I suggest is you work with reputable professionals in your local market.   Work with a Realtor who knows the market and can guide you on average market prices, days on market and what a home could sell for if certain improvements were done and how long that may take.    Speak to a Mortgage Broker who has options and many lenders.  They can help you determine what you qualify for, the monthly payment, interest rate and funds you’ll need to proceed.

Make an informed decision and don’t get caught up in the hype.   If it sounds too good to be true … it usually is 






I liked this

I liked this post. Informative and well done.

its quality

Quality content. Helpful and well done.

Buyer beware ..

Scary when they take advantage of people who really can't afford any loss. Thanks for the information.

Too Good

Great captions - "Too Good To Be True". Made me stop, read and learn. Thanks for your insight and opinion.